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Rocky Mountain Electrical Services is illuminating your path to the future – fully automate your home and be a part of ‘smart home’ movement with smartphone controlled lighting fixtures, bulbs and switches, outlets, and heating/cooling systems.
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You will have the power to…

  • Control the lights and shades from the comfort of your couch by ONLY using your connected device.
  • Control & monitor ALL of the lighting, speakers, video cameras, alarm systems, and even the temperature throughout your home, wirelessly while you’re away.
  • Use a number of industry-leading connected devices, including: Alexa, Echo, iPhone, and Android.At Rocky Mountain Electrical Services we will ensure that ALL of your home automation electrical needs are handled both efficiently and effectively. We will make it our mission to provide your ‘smart home’ with safe, reliable, and cost-effective electrical services in order to power you and your home into the future.

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