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At Rocky Mountain Electrical Services we provide safe, dependable, and reliable electrical services to ensure your commercial business will be up-to-code, pass inspection, and keep its lights on for many years to come.
Over the life of a commercial business, it is quite common that at least one of these electrical services will be required. And as Colorado’s ‘Most Referred Master Electricians’ we specialize in providing both efficient and effective work to the businesses we service – unlike standard electricians who simply do not have the equipment or manpower to guarantee the efficiency of these commercial electrical services.
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Our Commercial Electrical Services Include:

  • Lighting Consultations
  • Conversions for Efficiency
  • Lighting Fixtures & Designs
  • New Construction Wiring
  • Camera Systems
  • Commercial Projects & Remodels
  • Service Work & Repairs
  • Insurance Projects/Claims
  • Insurance Projects / Claims
  • And Many More!

What Makes Rocky Mountain Electrical Services Unique?

Our knowledge enables us to provide services that adhere to the strict rules and regulations of commercial electrical systems and commercial businesses. We constantly remain up-to-date on these regulations to prevent violations that would cost the business time and money.

Our experience allows us to assign trained, uniformed, and licensed technicians to ALL of the commercial projects we service. Our techs are consistently given opportunities to further their knowledge with additional training programs.

Our resources give us the ability to handle commercial projects of any size. We have access to an abundance of tools and resources that ultimately better equip us when completing these tasks for businesses.

At Rocky Mountain Electrical Services we are completely aware of how critical it is to service your business in a timely manner. By specializing in commercial electrical services, maintenance, and repairs, we provide any size business with the flexibility and convenience necessary to fulfill our promise.

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